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India's 1st AI-powered CV Assistance Platform

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ILA is your virtual CV-making companion who will guide you through the entire CV-making process. She shares expert CV tips, and analyzes your CV to help you get closer to your dream job.

India's 1st AI-powered CV Assistance Platform

How can ILA help you?

Build your CV in minutes!

Professional Industry-wise CV templates

Kickstart Your Career Journey With 5 Lifetime Free and 100+ Industry Specific CV Templates

Create Your Resume in 3 Steps!




Answer a few easy questions on ILA’s console and watch your CV take shape in just a few minutes




Browse through a diverse range of aesthetic and professional templates for your resume




Once you’ve chosen the template that suits you best, click on the download button and save your resume as a high quality PDF.

Build Your Job-Winning Resume Effortlessly with ILA

No more struggling to write content for your CV. ILA is a One-Stop Solution for your CV-making and job needs.

Build your summary

Just answer 3 basic questions and ILA will form a strong and professional objective statement for your CV!

Create a Description with ILA

Let ILA assist you in drafting a crisp and professional description for your experiences and projects.

Customize your CV at your will

ILA manages the alignment of your CV while allowing you to arrange your content in different ways across a diverse range of well-crafted resume template options.

Publish your CV

Create a dynamic link to your CV and share it with your recruiters with ease!

Star-mark your favourite templates

With ILA you can choose unique CV template styles curated specially for you and add them to your favourites

topper_hatOur Milestones

Reached 1,00,000+ users in a few months

Our Milestones

Covered 30+ cities across the country

Conducted 60+ seminars/workshops in different institutions

Our Users’ Stories

Aakash Bansal

Aakash Bansal

Finance Intern, JSL, Hisar


ILA is a great software that acts as a helping hand to their customers when building CVs. The customer can choose from a large number of quality templates as per their needs, and the best part is the detailed focus on alignment issues.

Janhavi Gokhale

Janhavi Gokhale



The only CV assistance which has considered a lot of minute details for user-friendliness. The best part is that I can change the template after I have entered details in the master CV.

Saurabh Rathi

Saurabh Rathi

Manager, Morgan Stanley


The CV assistance platform is quite smooth and fast. Apart from diversified professional templates and relevant features, the legal knowledge mentioned on their portal reminded me to go through my company’s agreement letter, which I have signed off on.

Amitesh Kumar

Amitesh Kumar



This platform really takes care of all needs of a professional. It showcases your skills in a proper format which is needed by the companies nowadays.

Shrutika Davari

Shrutika Davari

MBA (Digital Marketing)


I am happy to share my experience with ILA. This platform gives you a variety of ideas to create your CV easily. Usually, we delay the process of updating our CV for many years and you guys made it smooth, enjoyable, and most important - ultrafast!

Nikhil Roy

Nikhil Roy

MBA (Marketing)


The CV builder platform is quite smooth and fast. Apart from diversified professional templates and relevant features, AI-based virtual assistance helped me to articulate bullet points under the projects and work experience section.


Why Choose ILA?

Making your CV can be confusing especially in this highly competitive market. Check out our features and let ILA assist you in building your CV.


Step-by-step guided conversation

Your virtual career guide ILA, explains everything about how to make a CV. With ILA, you can create a well-polished, outstanding professional CV in minutes.


AI-based objective statement

ILA assists with the toughest part of CV writing by automatically building an objective statement perfectly suited for your profile and aspirations.


100+ high-quality CV templates industry-wise

ILA provides a wide range of premium CV templates to suit jobs across various sectors. Unlimited sharing and downloading!


Create master CV

Create your Master CV and then enable, disable, rearrange and edit your content at will. Edit your Master CV without having to create multiple versions for different job specifications.


Editable CV section titles

Customize your CV and give preferred titles for different sections. Enjoy easy and quick editing options.


Publish your CV and create a dynamic shareable link

Create a link for your CV, and share it on different platforms with ease! Changes to your CV will automatically get updated on this link in real-time.


CV score and recommended templates

ILA provides continuous evaluation, error-correction, while also improving the quality and content of your resume.


Enable-disable & reorder content at will

ILA combines all your information and builds the CV automatically. She even allows you to customize the format of your CV according to your specific needs.


Star-mark your favorite CV templates

Choose from among the most unique template styles curated specially for different industries. Identify your top 5 templates and mark them as your favorites.

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